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Nurse Residency

Duke Medicine's Nurse Residency program was created to help meet the needs of nurses transitioning from students to professionals at Duke University Hospital.

The Nurse Residency Program is designed to support the new nurses, as you gain confidence and skill, and continue your transition to professional nursing. Program participants will meet once a month, for a three hour session that includes:

  • Lively discussions of clinical topics and situations
  • Hands-on experience with equipment
  • Information about the advantages of living and working in the Duke community
  • Details on available professional and personal development resources
  • Discussion of topics of interest to Nurse Residents

The Nurse Residency Program at Duke University Hospital is offered in collaboration with the UHC/AACN Nurse Residency ProgramTM. Click here to read our Newsletter.

For information about the Nurse Residency Program, contact: Duke Medicine Education Services at: 919.684.4293, or email us at:

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Nurse Residency Program FAQs

What is a Nurse Residency Program?

The Nurse Residency Program at Duke University Hospital gathers new nurses from across all patient care areas to explore topics of interest to newly graduated nurses.

The curriculum follows the University Health System Consortium/American Association of Colleges of Nursing (UHC/AACN) program, which addresses leadership, professional role, critical thinking and patient outcomes. The UHC/AACN Nurse Residency ProgramTM is available in 47 medical centers across the United States.

New nurses will have the opportunity to participate in data collection that allows the new nurse to describe their transition experience at three points in time during the first year of practice.

When does the Nurse Residency Program meet?

New nurses will gather for three, one-hour session per month. New nurses will begin attending the Nurse Residency Program during orientation, and then monthly for the first year in practice. Nurses are paid to attend the sessions, which are considered as Educational/Work time.

New nurses will meet with the coordinator of the Nurse Residency Program during orientation and will receive the schedule and frequent updates and reminders via e-mail.

What topics are discussed in the Nurse Residency Program?

Clinical experts and nursing leaders from Duke University Hospital will address topics such as communication techniques and patient safety, evidence-based practice, hand-offs care, etc. Other topics of interest to new nurses might include: the transition process, self-care during times of transition, or caring for patients and families at the end of life.

New nurses are encouraged to share experiences with other new nurses. Occasionally, questions related to Duke sponsored programs, benefits or opportunities are addressed in the Nurse Residency Program.

Is there an application process for the Nurse Residency Program at Duke University Hospital?

The Nurse Residency Program is open to all newly graduated nurses at Duke University Hospital, and the nursing leadership team is committed to hospital-wide participation for all new nurses. There is no application process at this time.

Is the Nurse Residency Program available at all three hospitals within the Duke University Health System?

The UHC/AACN Nurse Residency ProgramTM is only available at Duke University Hospital. Duke Regional Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital both offer an alternative program for new nurses.

Duke Regional Hospital offers: Transition to Practice Program (TTP)

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