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Specialty Nurse Intern Program (SNIP)

Duke Hospital, part of the Duke Medicine, is proud to offer a specialized training program geared toward new registered nurse graduates:

Specialty Nurse Intern Program (SNIP)

This structured, 26-week orientation for newly graduated RNs provides extensive experience within a specialty orientation setting.

Program participants will be oriented to 8, 10 or 12 hour shifts, (depending on the unit norm) including days and nights. The SNIP experience will include classroom sessions and networking periods along with extensive clinical exposure to a variety of patient care situations.

The model for SNIP includes two primary preceptors and two secondary preceptors. Having secondary preceptors will allow for increased exposure to staff and patient care situations during off shifts.

SNIP requires a two year commitment (6 months within the program, and 18 months after completion), and does require that you sign a contract.

Participating Units vary:

  • 6100 (Orthopaedics)
  • 6300 (Head & Neck, Urology, Plastics)


To qualify for participation in the SNIP program, nurses must have:

  • Graduated from an accredited Nursing program (Bachelor, Associate, Diploma)
  • Eligible for North Carolina licensure
  • No previous RN experience required.

Application Process:

  • Post a resume to this position
  • Include clinical rotation experience (facility, unit type(s), hours/anticipated hours completed (includes senior preceptorship, summer internships/externships and/or capstone experiences) on your resume.
  • Complete the Skills Assessment
  • References will be required if you are selected for an interview. You will need references from two of your clinical instructors.

When you have completed the assessment, you will see a "Thank You" message. If your talents are a match, we will contact you concerning the next steps in our selection.

You can log into your profile account to check the status of your application.

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SNIP Program FAQs

Are there specific start dates for the SNIP program?

Yes, a participant must start on a defined nursing orientation date.

How long is the program?

26 weeks

What is my commitment to Duke?

Duke requires a two year commitment to the hiring department (18 months after the completion of your orientation) and does require that you sign a Duke Work Agreement.

How soon should I schedule my NCLEX?

Please schedule your test as soon as possible, since you will not be able to start unless you have your NC nursing license.

What if my NCLEX results are not back in time for me to start?

Participants must be licensed to start the program and attend orientation.

What will my schedule be like?

SNIP schedules are based on the schedule of primary and secondary preceptors and may include day shifts and night shifts along with weekends. You will also be scheduled for educational offerings that will differ in length and frequency depending on the unit you are hired for.

Will I be working rotating shifts during my orientation?

Yes, you will be working 8/10/12 hour shifts, following the schedule of your primary and secondary preceptor.

Will I be working weekends during my orientation?

Yes, you will be following the schedule of your preceptor and will be required to work weekends per their schedule.

Will I be able to take time off during the 26 week orientation?

You are not eligible to take time off during your first 90 days. After the 90 day period, time off must be requested per unit policy.

What if I have other questions?

Please consider utilizing "live chat" through Nurse Recruiters are available Tuesday from 1pm-3pm, and Thursdays from 10am-12pm Eastern Standard Time.

Will I be given detailed information about benefits and the program?

You will be invited to a SNIP information session once a start date has been assigned for your position. You can also contact your recruiter for immediate needs or concerns.

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